Level Up

Credited tital: Makeup and Hair assistant.

LEVEL UP is an exciting and fast paced Independent Thriller which will star a number of globally known actors/actresses such as Josh Bowman and Neil Maskell.

Plot Outline:

MATT and ANNA are a young couple living in London. Anna is starting her career working as a paralegal whilst Matt is struggling to find direction in life. After an unsuccessful date night they go to bed on an argument. The next morning, masked thugs kidnap Anna as she leaves for work before assaulting Matt, locking him into a vest-like contraption. Matt is given a mobile phone and told the vest contains a package. If he wants to see Anna again he must follow instructions provided by text message to deliver the package. If he fails to follow an instruction or tries to seek help then they will kill Anna. Over the course of one day Matt has to make his way across London as a host of characters and situations attempt to prevent him from succeeding in his mission to save Anna.

Directer: Adam Randall

Executive Producers: Leo Pearlman (Fulwell 73), Jan Pace and James Atherton (Quickfire).
Producers:Andrew Orr, Danny Potts and Heather Greenwood.

© 2016 by SHAUNA TAGGART #taggartistry

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